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Its time to get in shape, go SUP!

The Benefits of Paddling

If you already paddle or you are considering it for the first time the benefits of paddling are many. Whether your paddle to stay in shape, get in shape, lose weight, cross-train or compete, paddling is a strong single modality full body exercise that will strengthen your core and provide an even balance of strength and cardiovascular benefits. More importantly Standup paddling gets you outdoors and on the water in a safe and comfortable manner and it is often pointed out that the mental benefits of paddling in many ways outweigh the physical.

Scores of machines have been built to try and replicate the benefits of paddling related exercise, but nothing beats being on the water.

Paddling is:

Low impact: Paddling is a non-impact sport. The benefits of paddling will be seen on land as well as in the water without the need for the joint damaging impact associated with running and walking.

Strength building: Water is a non-compressible surface that stiffens as pressure is applied to it. This interaction provides relative resistance depending on the strength of the paddler. As you progress and apply more pressure to your stroke the water will provide more resistance and allowed for continued development.

Conditioning: The paddle stroke is a full body movement drawing off all three of the bodies energy systems. Constant variable resistance strengthens and conditions the aerobic, anaerobic and lactic threshold of paddlers in a single workout.

Great for weight loss and control: The calorie burning benefits of paddling are similar to that of other resistance training exercises, but with the additional benefit of constant variable movement due to the naturally unstable nature of the platform. It has been estimated that a paddler burns 200+ calories per hour simply standing on their board.

An amazing stress reliever: Aside from the obvious stress relieving benefits of exercise related endorphin release, paddling gets you outdoors, allows you to interact with nature and get away from the daily grind. Life is much simpler once you step off shore. Enjoy the moment and make the most of your day.

Best of all paddling is easy to learn and takes a life time to master. Even professional paddlers still work on technique every time they hit the water. However, it takes only a few minutes to be up and on your way. Simply put, Standup Paddleboarding is the best exercise in the world for mind, body and soul.


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